The artwork is made for the title "Invisible" that shows person in a black background unseen by others or hidden away.

In the world there is a recorded youth problem where young people feel invisible, not being seen by parents, same age people. They take in that their sayings, acts are not considered and meaningless. These problems lead to feelings of "range of ills, including disillusionment, chronic indignation, pervasive discontent, anger, depression, substance abuse and hopelessness.” Therefore this issue should be looked into.

In the situation of young people not being noticed, the aim is for people to realize they are seen through by people that are always watching.

The picture has a black background, a dark hue in that a young man is standing invisible from others. A character's body is standing in the right side of center having head sticking up and turned to the side, looking into the central point with evaporated eye in red in a lightened window of big eye which through he is seen.

Made in 2021, Digital media, JPG file format

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