Cosmic Existence


The artwork is of the theme of cosmos existence and science fiction's role in lives as humans, it includes elements as dust connected rocks and installations flowing in space altogether. In the middle the bright pink ball strikes attention from viewers and shows the surprising being of cosmos. In the down part of the artwork fly the satellites, parts of astronomic constructions, and show the successful connection of light researching inventions.


The exhibitions theme is cosmos and it appears in all artworks of the show. The space flows through objects, the sculptures and reshapes them into unexpected production of science. The objects coming into connection with space are made as new and incredible creations opening new unraveling inventions.


Exhibition consists of sculptures and twinning statues as a ball of grey sun that has long plastic strings coming out, turning in air. There are numerous paintings on high-scale canvas, sculptures, digital programmed visualizations, videos in the venue. The objects are collected in the most suiting response to the theme and positioned on the wall and ground in a long row that are stronger to be seen by people.


The show is happening in art contemporary publishing venue of Latvia, showing the astronomic constellations that are usually shining down to us from the sky. You are invited to see this exhibit from 13.09.2019- 28.10.2019.


Made in 2019, Digital Media, PNG file format