Effect architecture has on a person

The Way Architecture Affects How You Feel

This is a speculative editorial artwork on impact of architecture on citizen's emotional state. Ranging cityscapes can produce feelings of aggravation or getting constantly lost. The illustration showcases the baffling emotional influence induced by urban environment through contrasting & conflicting colours between objects and tension.


The image in red and bright blue, contrasting colours, represents the stress from city environment and construction of it's space.


In city there are many street spaces constructed differently with technical outlooks that make people experience getting lost, not understanding where they are headed to. Neighborhoods can be in grey, black to green and light colours that influence the flow of thought, or deconstruct the good feeling. The street sites can put You in a blurry position or even distressed. There are statistics showing that citizens from neighborhoods as urban, light and dark grey admit they felt like they would not succeed in the future and would not be trying in the future. The people in these environments would admit they felt like criminals and stayed in that lifestyle.


By going through right street constructions Your psychological impact can uplift and get You feeling satisfied, it is important to choose Your neighborhood wisely.

The whole article can be seen here: https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20170605-the-psychology-behind-your-citys-design


Made in 2016, Digital Media, PNG file format

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